God’s Will and Testament

God's Will by Sandy ComptonGod’s Will

I, God, being of infinite mind and inscrutable body, do hereby declare My continuing Will and Testament, human edition.

Planet Earth, I leave to its inhabitants, large and small, magnificent and mundane. The smarter should take care of the not-so-smart. I leave it to you to figure out who or what that might be.

The rest of the Universe is up for grabs, except for a few places that nobody or nothing will find in near Eternity. Do with it what you will. If you have become intelligent enough to get far enough off of Planet Earth to make planet-fall elsewhere, you will have figured out most other things you need to know to be Universal citizens.

A few words of comfort and warning.

1. Watch out for the sulfur-based life forms. You and they will never understand each other.

2. For those of you who have beliefs that include Me, thanks for your faith. Continue communication, but eliminate the intermediaries. Every time you send information through a filter, it gets muddled.

3. Beware of those who say they have the only direct line to My office. They don’t.

4. For those of you who don’t believe in Me, no big deal. You’re not out of the will. One of the prophets said, “As is your faith, so shall it be for you.” Your mind is your own. Use it as you wish. If you get overwhelmed, don’t be reluctant to give a call. The line is always open. Don’t always expect the answer that you want. The Rolling Stones were right.

5. It would be good if you quit killing each other, especially in My name. That’s the lamest excuse ever. At least have the guts to tell the truth about your wars, most of which are fought because someone wants something that doesn’t belong to them. Grow up, humanity. You should have learned better in first grade.

6. Be kind to yourself. And your neighbors.

7. Respect the other living inhabitants of the planet. Plants included. I’m not sure, but I don’t think rocks care.

8. Remember: everything you pave is unavailable to grow food for the foreseeable human future. And every species that goes extinct is a source of wisdom lost. By the way, species are naturally going to go extinct; just don’t hurry the process.

9. Speaking of extinction, you may wish to do some math about world population, fossil fuels and global warming and act accordingly. It’s not too late, but, to put it in parlance you can comprehend, I think you’re on the 50-yard line, down by 6, and the two-minute warning just sounded. You have the ball.

Sorry there isn’t the standard number of suggestions here. This was all I could think of today. And there is always tomorrow where I live.

Take care, be safe and God bless.