Reading Compton’s journeys propels me in all the right directions. Willingness. Courage. Compassion. Connection. Humility.

Kimberley A. Marshall about Side Trips from Cowboy

Sandy Compton has written an engaging book about his experience as a gambling addict. His candid description of his addiction and recovery is riveting reading.  He is a masterful story teller and punctuates the chronicle of his gambling addiction with his fascination and love of the Nez Perce Indian nation and his hero, their leader Chief Joseph. Compton fuses his own addiction story and search for identity with the tribulations of Chief Joseph during the War of 1877 with Union soldiers.

Compton grew up on the family homestead in Heron, Montana (where he still lives) and his love of the wilderness and vivid depiction of his boyhood home is evident in his writing.

Compton transports you through Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming on his road to recovery and the trail of the Nez Perce as they seek to find a place to live in peace. This book will be of interest to other addicts and those wanting to learn first hand about the grip of addiction and the road to recovery.  

-Richard Sonnichsen, Author of All Fish Have Bones and A Leaf in a Stream

Blue Creek Press is a great one-stop shop for all your publishing needs. Sandy has a wonderful eye for writing and editing with a lot of experience under his belt. He has written multiple books and countless articles. This helps him see both the author and the editor’s side of the process. He thoroughly enjoys doing graphic design, from logo design to posters or ads. His love of design shows in his work. His experience with InDesign helps Sandy to not just be a good designer, but also an efficient one.

Blue Creek Press is a great, locally owned business to go to for publishing services.

-Britta Mireley, Deputy Executive Director, FSPW

I have often read [Sandy’s] articles in the Reader and have always enjoyed them. I found last week’s article to be particularly moving and personal. It struck a deep chord and I thank you for the journey you shared. It was a quiet reminder to be in the being and not the doing, to be open and attentive to the wonder that is always around us. Thank you.

Blue Creek Press is so much more than a small publishing house. The care and personal involvement that goes into each project is unparalleled by any large publisher. If you want someone to work with you in an honest and inclusive way to realize your work of writing at a competitive price, BCP offers that exceptional opportunity.

-Marjolein Groot Nibbelink, blogger and marketeer