The Blue Creek Book Shelf


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The Dog With His Head On Sideways and Nineteen Other Sappy Sentimental Stories (2021)
Fiction, 224 pages, $15.00
By Sandy Compton

Archer MacClehan & The Hungry Now

Archer MacClehan & the Hungry Now (2005)
Fiction, 188 pages, $14.00
By Sandy Compton

Archer MacClehan & The Girl Who Wouldn't Stop Running

Archer MacClehan & The Girl Who Wouldn’t Stop Running (2014)
Fiction, 216 pages, $14.00
by Sandy Compton

Jason's Passage, Sandy Compton

Jason’s Passage & Other Stories (2015)
Fiction, 206 pages, $15.00
by Sandy Compton

The Friction of Desire, by Sandy Compton

The Friction of Desire: A Mary Magdalene Miller Case Study Fiction (2012)
Nonfiction, 184 pages, $12.95
by Sandy Compton

Scars On Top Of Scars

Scars On Top of Scars: A Mary Magdalene Miller Case Study (2014)
Fiction, 204 pages, $12.95
by Sandy Compton

Run, Naomi, Run!

Run, Naomi, Run! (1995)
Historical Fiction, 320 pages, $14.00 Softbound
by Pauline Shook


Camping in Wyoming

Camping In Wyoming: A 1910 Honeymoon Trip to Yellowstone National Park (2014)
Nonfiction, 50 pages, $10.00
By Mariam Lawton Clayton

All Fish Have Bones

All Fish Have Bones: A Recovering Catholic’s Advice on Living a Good Life Without Religion (2017)
Nonfiction, 248 pages, $17.95
By Richard Sonnichsen

A Leaf in a Stream

A Leaf In a Stream: Surviving Childhood, Catholicism, Conscription, Career and Cancer (2018)
Nonfiction, 228 pages, $14.95
By Richard Sonnichsen

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A Church In Peril: Watching Catholicism Collapse (2019)
Nonfiction, 158 pages, $14.95
By Richard Sonnichsen

The Scenic Route, by Sandy Compton

The Scenic Route: Life on the road between Hope and Pardise (2015)
Nonfiction, 276 pages, $14.00
By Sandy Compton

Side Trips From Cowboy, by Sandy Compton

Side Trips From Cowboy: Addiction, Recovery and the Western American Myth (2009)
Nonfiction, 328 pages, $16.00
By Sandy Compton

Surrender: A Primer on Recovery

The Addiction Antidote: Surrender: A Primer on Recovery (2014)
Self-help, 104 pages, $8.95
By Sandy Compton

Tiger Hunting on Christ's Mission in Old India

Tiger Hunting (and other adventures) on Christ’s Mission in Old India (2012)
Non-Fiction, 199 pages, $14.95
by Herman and Mildred Reynolds


Elisba's Search for Water, by Sandy Compton

Elisba’s Search for Water, or How the Queen of the Western Sea Went Home (2014)
Illustrated Children’s Fiction, 78 pages, $9,95
By Sandy Compton

Caleb's Miracle, by Sandy Compton

Caleb’s Miracle: A classic Christmas tale of 1889 Montana (2013)
Illustrated Children’s Fiction, 30 pages, $12.00
by Sandy Compton

Run The Rivers with Lewis and Clark, by Cynthia Compton

Run The Rivers With Lewis and Clark (2009)
Historical Fiction, 132 Pages, $15.95
by Cynthia Compton