The Blue Creek Book Shelf


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The Dog With His Head On Sideways and Nineteen Other Sappy Sentimental Stories (2021)
Fiction, 224 pages, $15.00
By Sandy Compton

Archer MacClehan & The Hungry Now

Archer MacClehan & the Hungry Now (2005)
Fiction, 188 pages, $14.00
By Sandy Compton

Archer MacClehan & The Girl Who Wouldn't Stop Running

Archer MacClehan & The Girl Who Wouldn’t Stop Running (2014)
Fiction, 216 pages, $14.00
by Sandy Compton

Jason's Passage, Sandy Compton

Jason’s Passage & Other Stories (2015)
Fiction, 206 pages, $15.00
by Sandy Compton

The Friction of Desire, by Sandy Compton

The Friction of Desire: A Mary Magdalene Miller Case Study Fiction (2012)
Nonfiction, 184 pages, $12.95
by Sandy Compton

Scars On Top Of Scars

Scars On Top of Scars: A Mary Magdalene Miller Case Study (2014)
Fiction, 204 pages, $12.95
by Sandy Compton

Run, Naomi, Run!

Run, Naomi, Run! (1995)
Historical Fiction, 320 pages, $14.00 Softbound
by Pauline Shook


Why Don't Men Like Women

Why Don’t Men Like Women: A Historical Examination of the Impact of Toxic Masculinity on Women (2020)
Nonfiction, 150 pages, $14.95
By Richard Sonnichsen

All Fish Have Bones

All Fish Have Bones: A Recovering Catholic’s Advice on Living a Good Life Without Religion (2017)
Nonfiction, 248 pages, $17.95
By Richard Sonnichsen

A Leaf in a Stream

A Leaf In a Stream: Surviving Childhood, Catholicism, Conscription, Career and Cancer (2018)
Nonfiction, 228 pages, $14.95
By Richard Sonnichsen

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A Church In Peril: Watching Catholicism Collapse (2019)
Nonfiction, 158 pages, $14.95
By Richard Sonnichsen

The Scenic Route, by Sandy Compton

The Scenic Route: Life on the road between Hope and Pardise (2015)
Nonfiction, 276 pages, $14.00
By Sandy Compton

Side Trips From Cowboy, by Sandy Compton

Side Trips From Cowboy: Addiction, Recovery and the Western American Myth (2009)
Nonfiction, 328 pages, $16.00
By Sandy Compton

Surrender: A Primer on Recovery

The Addiction Antidote: Surrender: A Primer on Recovery (2014)
Self-help, 104 pages, $8.95
By Sandy Compton

Tiger Hunting on Christ's Mission in Old India

Tiger Hunting (and other adventures) on Christ’s Mission in Old India (2012)
Non-Fiction, 199 pages, $14.95
by Herman and Mildred Reynolds

Camping in Wyoming

Camping In Wyoming: A 1910 Honeymoon Trip to Yellowstone National Park (2014)
Nonfiction, 50 pages, $10.00
By Mariam Lawton Clayton


Elisba's Search for Water, by Sandy Compton

Elisba’s Search for Water, or How the Queen of the Western Sea Went Home (2014)
Illustrated Children’s Fiction, 78 pages, $9,95
By Sandy Compton

Caleb's Miracle, by Sandy Compton

Caleb’s Miracle: A classic Christmas tale of 1889 Montana (2013)
Illustrated Children’s Fiction, 30 pages, $12.00
by Sandy Compton

Run The Rivers with Lewis and Clark, by Cynthia Compton

Run The Rivers With Lewis and Clark (2009)
Historical Fiction, 132 Pages, $15.95
by Cynthia Compton