Links to Recovery

One day at a time, you can get your life back through the Twelve Steps.

Resource pages for addicts and addiction information are collected below in no particular order. We have  first included links to associations and twelve step programs that are open and free. If something is eating up your time and money, or providing a place to hide from responsibility or life in general, you may wish to look into a corresponding program. It doesn’t cost a dime and it could save a fortune — and your very life.

At the lower end of the page are a selection of commercial sites that offer many varieties of recovery options.

Today is the day!

Twenty Questions: You’re the only one that make the call, the only person in the world who can really decide for you whether you are an addict or not, but you might want to take this self test to make that determination.

The Serenity Prayer. This prayer was authored by  American theologian Reinhold Niebuhr (1892–1971). The Serenity Prayer is a link to the Higher Power and to our own, a prayer that millions of people say daily in the face of “the monster” that will eat us alive should we let it: God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change;  courage to change the things I can;  and wisdom to know the difference.

Alcoholics Anonymous — The granddaddy of Twelve Step Programs is AA. This link take you to their national page, and from there you can find an AA meeting almost anywhere in the world.

Gambler’s Anonymous — Are you addicted to gambling or gaming? It can hide in interesting places, including pinball machines and electronic games.

Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous — Sleeping with strangers? Can’t leave pornography alone? Taking huge risks for sex? SLAA may be the program for you.

Drug Addicts Anonymous — DAA is a fellowship of men and women who have recovered from addiction to many sorts of drugs and are committed to helping those who still suffer.

National Drug Helpline — The National Drug Helpline offers free, 24/7 drug and alcohol help to those struggling with addiction. 

Narcotics Anonymous World Services (NA)  This twelve-step recovery program from addiction to drugs is based on the AA model.

The Spiritual River  — This web site is based on the 12 step model of recovery. It is very clearly written, encouraging, and covers the basic issues related to choosing and maintaining recovery. The section dedicated to exploring spirituality addresses the role of religion and philosophy in the recovery process.

Commercial Recovery Sites — This site has many good resources, including directions to various 12-Step programs. — This site offers an exhaustive collection of rehabilitation centers that can be searched by substance, activity, type of treatment and location.

The Addiction Recovery Guide — This is a clearing house site that DOES feature links to commercial sites, but it also has a huge amount of free resources. — This site is full of good ideas and resources, both free and commercial enterprises. The link is to their page about the 12 Steps of Recovery. — This is an addiction clearinghouse, with a huge supply  resources “guiding you from rehab to recovery.”