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Well, that's too bad. Click on this title to get into the site.

It looks like our site is having some issues, but you can still get into a few of our pages. Read Sandy Compton’s monthly column “A Few Thoughts” here: Visit our list of services and rates here: Most of our books are available at and Sandy Compton’s collection is here. We hope to have our own sales… Read more →

A Few Thoughts on Listening.

Our friend Glada McIntire recently moved further into her true realm when she became pure spirit and left her shell behind. I say “our,” because Glada had many friends, and some are my friends as well. I am not privy to details of her transition, but I would hope she accomplished that final shedding in an old growth forest —… Read more →

Sawtooth Adventure (2017)

Over breakfast, Sandy Compton casually mentions that the distance to the Sawtooth summit is just 2.5 miles, as a swallow flies. So I figure, with my limited understanding of off-trail hiking, that our route should be no more than 4.5. We meet Kate, Celeste, Annie and Cary at 7:55am mountain time. We wait a while for two no-shows before driving… Read more →