A few thoughts as the County Commission guns for 2 nd Amendment rights

Darn! It’s already April. November is coming up fast, and I declared my 2020 candidacy for President back when the Trump got elected, but then I got busy . . . you know how it goes. Of course, things have gone so swimmingly for the past four years that now I wouldn’t have a snowball’s chance in Hell. Unless, of course Hell is frozen over, which it just might be. After all, the Trump is the president.

I almost said “our president,” but the Trump is not my fault. Or my choice. A big thank you to all of you who didn’t vote last time. But now, I’m being snarky. Sorry.

Half my fan base insists it’s fruitless to write about national politics in a local venue. The other person seems to agree. But what else is there? Local politics? OK. Why not? The Bonner County Commission isn’t quite as interesting as the Trump, but it’s a close second.

The County’s lawsuit against the City over guns at the Festival at Sandpoint is highly entertaining — in the manner of watching a train wreck. Maybe the Festival and the City can solve the problem — and save taxpayers the big bucks the County is paying their 2nd Amendment lawyers — by simply making guns required at the Festival. If you want to get in the gate, you have to be carrying. There would be special racks for those who wish to bring long guns or can’t afford a pistol. You’d be able to rent locks from the Festival booth to secure your AR-15 against pilferage while you’re dancing.

Here’s another suggestion about this stupid and stupidly expensive argument (please note that I didn’t call it an ego-driven power play). The Commission can lead the way into guns everywhere, any time, all the time by getting rid of the metal detectors at the courthouse. Right now, you can’t take a Swiss army knife through the door, much less the weapons the County wants allowed at Memorial Field. (I know! Let’s hold a referendum vote! It’s only money, right?)

It’s also interesting that the County is trying to tell the City and a non-profit how to ruin — I mean, “run” — an event that brings millions into the local economy annually. Yet, if you ask the Commissioners how they feel about the State or the feds telling the County what to do, they will scream bloody murder about local rule and big government and abuse of power.

Just a few thoughts. Your county commissioners will love to hear your thoughts about this.
Call 208-265-1438.

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