Jason’s Passage

[vc_row][vc_column width=”3/4″][vc_column_text]Jason’s Passage & Other Stories (2015)
Fiction, 206 pages, $15.00

by Sandy Compton

Jason’s Passage, originally published in 1993, reveals a secret carried from one generation to another by Jason Indreland, who witnessed as a young man the acquisition and escape of “Scarface,” a young stud horse Caleb Blascomb knew would bring his dreams for the West Fork Ranch to fruition — if he could be found and caught. In those days, Caleb’s wife Sarah harbored doubts — about horses and marriage — but a conversation with Jason helps her determine to change that. Sixty years later, Jason comes back to the West Fork, to show Caleb and Sarah’s grandson Alex — and his former wife Liz — “where the horse went,” as well as a passage “back to believing.” Mixed into this are other stories about the Blascombs not included in the origial Jason’s Passage. In “The Last Ride” Caleb and Sarah each remember in their own way a day they have sometimes wanted to forget. “A Love Story of Sorts” details a romance between Alex and his friend Millie that doesn’t turn out quite the way either of them want.

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