Archer MacClehan Book Series

The Hungry Now (2005)
The Girl Who Wouldn’t Stop Running (2014)

Archer MacClehan & the Hungry Now: “Life is served raw in wild country.” That’s what botanist turned smoke jumper Jesse Turnbull has to say to her new friend Sara — or is she an enemy? — when a backcountry hike that begins innocently enough turns flaky. And out in the brush, just out of sight — most of the time — is Number Seven, aka The Hungry Now. He’s a bear, a grizzly bear, and if bears could remember things as two-leggers do, he would remember why the Smell-among-smells troubles him so. It might be best for everyone that he can’t.

Archer MacClehan & The Girl Who Wouldn’t Stop Running: Archer MacClehan has dreams that lead him into dangerous places. In Archer MacClehan & The Girl Who Wouldn’t Stop Running — the second Archer MacClehan adventure — he dreams of vultures, a coral snake, a girl named Opal and Running Woman — Sara Cafferty. Sara once fought a grizzly for Archer, but they haven’t spoken since the end of the Great Bear Adventure. Opal Skladany has been kidnapped. Opal’s divorced parents are worth a few million each and someone wants a million. There’s a snake in the grass — very pretty and very poisonous — helping the kidnappers. In the end, it’s a foot race across the desert as Sara strives to beat the snake to the girl who wouldn’t stop running.

Archer MacLehan book series

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