Tiger Hunting (and other adventures) on Christ’s Mission in Old India

Tiger Hunting (and other adventures) on Christ’s Mission in Old India (2012)
Non-Fiction, 199 pages, $14.95
by Herman and Mildred Reynolds

During a 27-year tenure as missionaries for the United Church of Christ in India, Herman and Mildred Reynolds raised three children and made hundreds of friends, Christian, Hindu and animist alike.

They also wrote thousands of words about their adventures and the adventures of their friends– and enemies — in the crowded subcontinent. Theirs was a time of transition between the imperial rule of Great Britain and Indian independence, which, when achieved, led to their leaving their Indian “House by the Side of the Road,” and a return to America. These are some of thier words, written during and after living there.

During their time in India, they lived and worked among the Gonds, one of the poorest peoples of India, untouchables and outcasts. While they would not be pushed into castes by Hinduism, they were willing to chance ostracism to accept the love of Jesus, fully demonstrated by the Reynolds.

In that place and time, ordinary jungle folk had no sort of dependable education, healthcare or protection from the big cats that roamed their jungles. The Reynolds brought miracles to the Gonds in the forms of literacy, the newspapers soaked in Lysol Mildred took to every childbirth she attended and Herman’s double-barreled tiger gun.

This book was lovingly compiled by their daughter Joyce and son-in-law Frank Coupal and great-granddaughter Cristina Coupal.

Hunting Tigers (and other adventures) on Christ’s Mission in Old India was published for the Coupals by Blue Creek Press. It is available on Amazon.

Tiger Hunting on Christ's Mission in Old India