Camping in Wyoming: A 1910 Wedding Trip to Yellowstone National Park

Camping In Wyoming: A 1910 Honeymoon Trip to Yellowstone National Park (2014)
Nonfiction, 50 pages, $10.00

By Mariam Lawton Clayton

This book was made from Mariam Lawton Clayton’s hand-written account and pages of “kodacs” of her honeymoon trip with her new husband Earl to western Wyoming and Yellowstone National Park in the year 1910. It is a fine record of an adventure of great proportions undertaken at the cusp of modern times; a journey that, were it attempted today, might be accompanied by a support van, cell phones, contingent emergency procedures, months of planning and pounds and pounds of freeze-dried food. Read more.

Mariam and Earl took their time in exploring Yellowstone Park, which we at Blue Creek Press very much appreciate. But, if you can’t wait to read this little book, you can also buy it at Amazon.

Camping in Wyoming