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Side Trips From Cowboy (2009)
The Addiction Antidote: Surrender

Side Trips From Cowboy follows one man from childhood on a western Montana ranch, to adulthood in which he develops, and later sheds, his gambling addiction. Woven into the story — which stretches over 40 years — are the history of the Nez Perce native American tribe and philosophical journal entries.

The Addiction Antidote: Surrender is a companion book to Side Trips From Cowboy — a stand-alone guide to recovery for beginners and beyond. It consists of passages on recovery as well as some new insights on the process as well as other things that addicts struggle with. It is a primer on recovery — a preparatory workbook of sorts — with room for personal notes and reflections. Meditate on each of the Twelve Steps, and reference a list of resources of the “beginning recoverer.”

Side Trips Books Combo Sandy Compton

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