Elisba’s Search for Water, or How the Queen of the Western Sea Went Home.

A Note to Readers

Elisba’s Search for Water was written long ago — by hand, in fact, before the advent of the laptop or word-processing and design software. My friend Maria Alberg made the first illustations for it even before it was transcribed to a typed page. The prose came to life via ballpoint pen and spiral notebook. It was written down pretty much whole, without a lot of scratching out or tearing up and throwing away. This final story is almost exactly as it was first recorded.

There is a particular voice that the story is told in that reminds me of books my mother and grandmother read to us as children, books with cadence and alliteration and full of fun and magic. Perhaps these other books were written with the idea that they could be read by older youth, as well as by adults to younger children and provide an enjoyable experience for all. I don’t think I was that deliberate, but it seems to me that by some amount of grace and luck, that is how this has come out. Maria has added some new illustrations and I have applied my computer skills gained from the last few decades of writing and publishing, and now, finally, we have a book. Enjoy learning how the Queen of the Western Sea went home.

Sandy Compton

Elisba's Search for Water, by Sandy Compton